If you want to learn how to trade in the same way a professional trader approaches the markets, I can mentor you directly. Trading can not be taught in a day and it can take several months to establish yourself as a consistently profitable trader. You will learn at an in depth level and in direct contact with myself or ex Goldman Sachs trader Christopher Cathey via the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management. We have to limit the amount of people we do this with on an annual basis.

You will have Lifetime access to the Professional Trading Masterclass Video Series and we will be in regular contact helping you to implement with real money what you have learnt. This will be an education in itself.  We will help you build up your expertise and knowledge at a pace that works for you, making sure that you don’t “blow up” so you stand the best chance of becoming long term profitable as a trader.

A large portion of the Institutes successful traders have come through the mentoring programme. You do not need to give up your day job and anyone can be involved as long as you are willing to learn and apply yourself. By the end of your programme you will be ready to trade on your own with confidence and will have picked up one of the most important skills you can master in modern day life.

For Mentoring Programme applications, please go to the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management’s website and fill out the application form below:


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